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This is the instructors original DB question. I al

This is the instructors original DB question. I already answered my initial post. I need a response to the two below.  Consider the role of the DNP Prepared nurse in healthcare policy, informatics, or public health. Locate a policy affecting health care on a local, regional or national level and relating to one of these topics. Identify this policy and consider how this policy will impact healthcare delivery and will promote a positive outcome. Describe the role of the DNP prepared nurse leader in advocating for or against policy implementation. Consider principles of social justice, equity, and ethics in your answer.  DB post 1 needing a response:Healthcare policies are implemented to guide organizational and professional activities and DNP nurses can play vital roles in the development, implementation and evaluation of these policies. As a guide to improving patient care and healthcare outcomes, DNP curriculum is designed to provide the needed training for nurses to positively influence healthcare policies. The role of the DNP nurse can be seen in leadership, advocacy and evaluation of healthcare policies. Leadership: The DNP nurse can demonstrate leadership in healthcare policy through development and implementation of healthcare policies (Chism, 2017). Also, building coalition is a means the DNP nurse can demonstrate expertise. The DNP prepared nurse can serve as a leader in formulating and leading such group based on the knowledge and education acquired through DNP program (Chism, 2017). Advocacy: The DNP nurse also plays a significant role in policy intervention based on knowledge and skills acquired through training. Policy intervention involves identification of safe and effective contents of policies as well as advocacy for implementation or amendment of policies. According to Chism (2017), evidence-based practice allows the DNP nurse to be a powerful advocate for healthcare policies. Evaluation: Evaluation of healthcare policy is the DNP nurse’s role for determining the effectiveness of healthcare policies. The DNP nurse plays a vital role in legislative evaluation to determine the effectiveness of healthcare policies. This process helps to identify success or failure of healthcare policies based on the intent and outcome of the policy. Locate a policy and consider how this policy will impact healthcare delivery The Affordable Care Act (ACA) enacted in 2010 has impacted health care delivery with regards to access to healthcare service, payment options and organizational changes. With access to healthcare, there is increase in availability and access to healthcare coverage for all American citizens. It is estimated that about 7-16.4 persons have gained health coverage since implementation of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 (Blumenthal, Abrams & Nuzum, 2015). Payment options changed to include incentives for reducing Medicare readmission, hospital-acquired conditions and payment for value programs provided by hospitals and physicians. Healthcare organizations are encouraged under the ACA to form accountable care organizations for improving and maintaining quality of care through integration and coordination of ambulatory, inpatient and post-acute care services (Blumenthal, Abrams & Nuzum, 2015). Overall, the ACA has accomplished substantial benefit in promoting positive outcomes. According to health coverage for all Americans have been expanding which increases access to health care. There have been significant reforms in care delivery system to focus more on value than volume of care. Also, ACA has provided financial protection for American families through affordable care and illness prevention strategies implemented by various health care institution (Chait & Glied, 2018). Role of the DNP prepared nurse leader in advocating for or against policy implementation The DNP nurse as leader in healthcare advocates for access by every citizen to affordable healthcare. Healthcare policies should be implemented on the basis of equitable distribution care to all population. The DNP graduates speaks up against disparities in healthcare coverage and treatment gaps among different population groups (Krau, 2015). Also, the DNP nurse advocates for autonomy in professional practice for advanced practice nurses. They are engaged in discussions to remove barriers that limits demonstration to the full capacity of their training. These roles are enhanced by the valuable exposure of the DNP graduate to processes and opportunities in health policy.   Reference Blumenthal, D., Abrams, M., & Nuzum, R. (2015). The affordable care act at 5 years. Chism, L. A. (Ed.). (2017). The doctor of nursing practice. Jones & Bartlett Learning. Chait, N., & Glied, S. (2018). Promoting prevention under the affordable care act. Annual review of public health, 39, 507-524. Krau, S. D. (2015). Social justice: a basis for health care delivery. Nursing Clinics, 50(3), xiii-xv. 2nd DB post meeting a response:National level Title VIII Nursing Workforce Reauthorization Act of 2019 (H.R. 728/S. 1399) is currently sponsored by the American Nurses Association. It “would reauthorize nursing workforce development programs through the fiscal year 2024 [and] provides the largest source of federal funding for nursing education” (“Nursing Workforce Development,” 2018). It also promotes and funds education of nurses who plan to work in medically underserved and vulnerable populations (“Title VIII: Nursing Workforce Development Programs,” 2019). The nursing field is growing and will continue to do so as the needs increase related to an aging and growing population. In order to increase the nursing workforce, educational funding to assist nursing education is essential. Furthermore, Title VIII funding assists nursing education from entry-level preparation through graduate level education (“Nursing Workforce Development,” 2018). As we have covered in previous weeks, the DNP prepared nurse will have a huge impact on the education of future nurses. This legislative act directly affects education of nurses, and therefore, the DNP prepared nurse who plans to pursue the teaching route. DNP prepared nurses possess both the knowledge and education to make a significant impact on healthcare delivery, especially related to policy and advocacy (Chism, 2019, p.125). Additionally, DNP prepared nurses have honed leadership skills, gained clinical and practical experience and strengthened research-based practices, priming them for advocating for and facing some of the challenges within our healthcare system (Chism, 2019, p. 125). Many resources exist to aid the DNP prepared nurse in staying involved and up to date on critical topics. Some of these resources include professional journals, the internet, specifically government websites, professional courses and continuing education conferences and professional nursing organizations (Chism, 2019, p.131-134). The DNP prepared nurse not only has the skills and resources to make a difference through policy and advocacy, but also the motivation and desire to truly make a difference. Although not always the case, one reason to pursue a DNP degree is to become more involved in the policies and legislation that affect nursing practice. In this particular example, the legislative act mentioned would directly affect DNP practice. Nursing is inherently a profession intimately involved in advocating. Social justice, equity and ethics are core principles central to the nursing practice even before a nurse pursues and attains a DNP degree. The American Nurses Association’s (ANA) Code of Ethics (2015) was developed for all nurses to establish ethical practices and guide nurses in ethical decision making in healthcare. Specific provisions that stand out regarding ethics include Provision 3 which states “The nurse promotes, advocates for, and protects the rights, health, and safety of the patient” (“Code of Ethics,” 2015, p.9), and Provision 9 which states “The profession of nursing, collectively through its professional organizations, must articulate nursing values, maintain the integrity of the profession, and integrate principles of social justice into nursing and health policy” (“Code of Ethics,” 2015, p.35). Combined with the background of these guidelines and the knowledge, education and leadership skills learned in the DNP program, the DNP prepared nurse can make educated and valuable decisions when advocating for or against a policy.   Chism, L. A. (2019). The doctor of nursing practice: A guidebook for role development and professional issues. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning Code of Ethics. (2015). American Nurses Association. Retrieved from Nursing Workforce Development. (2018). American Nurses Association. Retrieved from Title VIII: Nursing Workforce Development Programs. (2019). American Organization of Nursing Leadership. Retrieved from

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