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This is a new class in 6541, focusing on pediatric

This is a new class in 6541, focusing on pediatric patients. We will have Journal entries, a few discussions, and a few soap notes. This is a Journal Entry, which I will find an example to go by. This is only 3 pages but I paid in case you needed any extra page. This will go through safe assign, and only 20% of plagiarism is allowed. I cannot express how much I have enjoyed working with you and your assistance. While I do clinical and chart on patients and work a fulltime job as a single mom; I depend on your help to help with course work. I could not do this without you. I will provide you with as much information as possible for each assignment and discussion to complete appropriately as well as attempt to find examples. We have another 11 weeks together. After this course only 2 more until graduation. Thank You for all of your hard work. Assignment: Practicum – Journal Entry As a future advanced practice nurse, it is important that you are able to connect your didactic experience to your Practicum experience. By applying the concepts you study in the classroom to clinical settings, you better prepare yourself for your future professional career. Each week, you complete an assignment that prompts you to reflect on your Practicum experiences and relate them to the material presented in the classroom. To prepare for this course’s Practicum experience, address the following in your Practicum journal: • • Explain what most excites and/or concerns you about pediatric clinical experiences. Include a description of your strengths and weaknesses in terms of working with children and how these strengths and weaknesses might impact your Practicum experience. • • Discuss your personal definition of family and family roles might impact the assessment of a child and his or her family. Then, explain how culture (both the culture of the provider and that of the child and his or her family) may further influence the assessment. • • Select and explain a nursing theory to guide your practice with pediatric patients. • • Based on your strengths, weaknesses, and theory of nursing practice, develop goals and objectives for the Practicum experience in this course. Be sure to consider the NAPNAP Position Statement on Age Parameters for Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Practice from this week’s Learning Resources. • • Create a timeline of Practicum activities based on your Practicum requirements. • 2–3 page limit. Use title page and references according to APA. By day 7 of Week 1 Submission and Grading Information ( I am excited about this rotation. Reasons: 1. Working with peds (little people) 2. Learning about vaccines and when they are due (Age) 3. Dosing medications (weight base and age appropriate) Pediatric assessments are different from adults. We look as percentiles they fall in with age, weight and height, We also assess milestones which tell us if the child may be delayed or just a little behind. (CDC’s Developmental Milestones) they have a printable version for milestones which I will be using in my assessments and Piaget’s Stage Theory of Cognitive Development is a description of cognitive development as four distinct stages in children: sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete, and formal 4. I work closely with peds patient in the ER so I have a little experience (15 years). Each child is unique in their own little way. I love to talk with them and teach them in simple terms everything we are about to do or perform. I normally use the parent as example before performing any procedures on a child. Some parent are willing to be a good example for their little ones. Then you have those that question why do you need to show the child before just doing it. (It’s all about trust with a child). Once they trust you each visit get a little easier. Weakness is transitioning from an ER nurse to a FNP in a clinical setting. When we work with parents in a spirit of true partnership, mothers, fathers, and other caregivers are more likely to invite and welcome providers’ support in evaluating needs, developing goals, and identifying effective ways to strengthen the family and provide care for children. —Child Welfare Information Gateway Primary care of pediatrics begins in infancy and progresses through adolescence. During these stages of growth and development, children depend upon their families and health care providers to meet their individual health needs. As an advanced practice nurse, you must assess the family unit as a whole in order to determine the needs of the patient and the family. It is essential to work closely with parents and caregivers to provide care to pediatric patients and maintain patients’ health and well-being. This week you explore the impact of sociocultural influences on assessments of children and families. You also examine strategies for assisting families in making health-related decisions for children at different stages of growth and development. By the end of this week, students will: • Analyze personal strengths and weaknesses in working with children • Analyze theories in pediatric nursing practice • Apply theories in pediatric nursing practice A few articles to review National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (2008). NAPNAP position statement on age parameter for pediatric nurse practice. Journal of Pediatric Health Care, 22(3), e1-e2 U.S. Department of Health Services (2012). Healthy people 2020 topics and objectives. Retrieved from http// This website provides evidence-based resources for a range of health topics including adolescent health, early and middle childhood, family planning, nutrition and weight status, and physical activity. Rubric Detail Select Grid View or List View to change the rubric’s layout. Name: NURS_6541_Week1_Application_Rubric • Grid View • List View Satisfactory Unsatisfactory Quality of Work Submitted: The extend of which work meets the assignned criteria and work reflects graduate level critical and analytic thinking. 26 (26%) – 30 (30%) Assignment meets expectations. All topics are addressed with a minimum of 50% containing good breadth and depth about each of the assignment topics. 0 (0%) – 25 (25%) Assignment superficially meets some of the expectations. Two or more required topics are either not addressed or inadequately addressed. Quality of Work Submitted: The purpose of the paper is clear. 4 (4%) – 5 (5%) Purpose of the assignment is stated, yet is brief and not descriptive. 0 (0%) – 3 (3%) No purpose statement was provided. Assimilation and Synthesis of Ideas: The extend to which the work reflects the student’s ability to: Understand and interpret the assignment’s key concepts. 8 (8%) – 10 (10%) Demonstrates a clear understanding of key concepts. 0 (0%) – 7 (7%) Shows a lack of understanding of key concepts, deviates from topics. Assimilation and Synthesis of Ideas: The extend to which the work reflects the student’s ability to: Apply and integrate material in course rsources (i.e. video, required readings, and textook) and credible outside resources. 16 (16%) – 20 (20%) Integrates specific information from 1 credible outside resource and 2-3 course resources to support major points and point of view. 0 (0%) – 15 (15%) Includes and integrates specific information from 0 to 1 resource to support major points and point of view. Assimilation and Synthesis of Ideas: The extend to which the work reflects the student’s ability to: Synthesize (combines various components or different ideas into a new whole) material in course resources (i.e. video, required readings, textbook) and outside, credible resources by comparing different points of view and highlighting similarities, differences, and connections. 16 (16%) – 20 (20%) Summarizes information gleaned from sources to support major points, but does not synthesize. 0 (0%) – 15 (15%) Rarely or does not interpret, apply, and synthesize concepts, and/or strategies. Written Expression and Formatting Paragraph and Sentence Structure: Paragraphs make clear points that support well developed ideas, flow logically, and demonstrate continuity of ideas. Sentences are clearly structured and carefully focused–neither long and rambling nor short and lacking substance. 4 (4%) – 5 (5%) Paragraphs and sentences follow writing standards for structure, flow, continuity and clarity 80% of the time. 0 (0%) – 3 (3%) Paragraphs and sentences follow writing standards for structure, flow, continuity and clarity < 60% of the time. “Written Expression and Formatting English writing standards: Correct grammar, mechanics, and proper punctuation” 3 (3%) – 5 (5%) Contains a few (1-2) grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. 0 (0%) – 2 (2%) Contains many (≥ 5) grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors that interfere with the reader’s understanding. “Written Expression and Formatting The paper follows correct APA format for title page, headings, font, spacing, margins, indentations, page numbers, running head, parenthetical/in-text citations, and reference list.” 3 (3%) – 5 (5%) Contains a few (1-2) APA format errors. 0 (0%) – 2 (2%) Contains many (≥ 5) APA format errors. Total Points: 100 Name: NURS_6541_Week1_Application_Rubric

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