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MY COMMENTS ARE IN YELLOW JUST ONE COMMENT FOR YOU BEFORE YOU START WRITING: IF THE INSURANCE DENIES THE PATIENT’S STAY, THE HOSPITAL EATS THE COST NOT THE PATIENT. THEREFORE, IT IS IMPORTANT FOR THE HOSPITAL TO PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING SO THEY CAN GET PAID.  ABSTRACT The required elements include the following:Abstract length – single paragraph, double-spaced, do not indent, and maximum of 250 words. CHAPTER 3: Implementation Description of Steps The information discussed under this section should be a reflection on the steps that you took to complete your project. As a reminder, this will include a detailed discussion of each of the action steps that you actually completed for your project. In short, you will need to describe what you actually did. This should be in the past tense.WORKED WITH HR TO POST A NEW CM POSITION, INTEVIEW AND HIRE THE CANDIDATE. PRESENTED BENEFITS OF THIS PLAN TO THE CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER (CFO). WORKED WITH THE CM DIRECTOR ON PREPARING THE INSURANCE EDUCATION RESOURCES WHICH WILL BE PRESENTED TO ED PHYSICIANS …..Discussion of ChangesThis section should include a detailed discussion of any changes you made from your original implementation planDiscussion of Barriers In this section, you will provide a detailed discussion of any barriers you encountered during the implementation of your Project. If no barriers were encountered, you should indicate this fact.LACK OF FINANCIAL SUPPORT BY THE ADMINISTRATION FOR HIRING THE ADDITIONAL CM AND EXTENDING HOURS FOR ED CMOvercoming barriers. This section will include a discussion of how each of the barriers were overcome. If no barriers were encountered, you should indicate this fact.BY EXPLAINING BENEFITS >> HOSPITAL WILL SAVE MONEY ON LONG TERM   Identification of Interprofessional Relationships This section should include a list of any healthcare or interdisciplinary professionals who facilitated the development and implementation of your project. Some examples of these team members may include your stakeholders, ancillary staff, and physicians.CFO (CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER), CASE MANAGER DIRECTOR, ED PHYSICIANSDiscussion of relationships This section should contain a discussion of how each of the identified individuals (from the section above) facilitated the implementation of your Project.CFO APPROVES FINANCES. CM DIRECTOR PROVIDES THE INSURANCE EDUCATION TO ED PHYSICIANS. ED PHYSICIANS ARE DECIDING WHICH PATIENT MEETS THE CRITERIA TO BE ADMITTED TO THE HOSPITAL AND WHICH ONES WILL BE SENT HOME.Chapter 4: Post Project ConsiderationsDiscussion of Successes In this section, you will describe the strengths of the project/what went well. Some examples may include, but are not limited to, improvements in awareness or understanding around your topic within the organization, improved communication among stakeholders, or a readiness within the organization leadership and/or staff members to commit to the project.READINESS FROM THE HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATION TO DO A CHANGE IN ORDER TO PREVENT LOSING OF MONEYHow successes will inform future projectsThis section will include a detailed discussion about how this project can be used to inform or facilitate future projects within the organization or in other organizations. Avoid simply explaining what happened. What would you definitely do again in future projects?Aspects that Did Not Go Well In this section, you will describe the weaknesses of the project/what did not go well. Some examples may include improvements, communication, readiness, and commitment from the organization/stakeholders to the project that did not go as well or as anticipated.LACK OF COMMITMENT FROM ED PHYSICIANS, RESISTANT TO BE EDUCATED ON INSURANCES RULES  Understanding what did not go wellThis section will include a detailed discussion of each of the aspects identified that did not go well and how this may impact future projects within your organization or in other organizations. What would you never do again? If there were no negative aspects, you should indicate this fact.YOU CAN SAY SOMETHING AGAIN ABOUT ED PHYSICANS >> LIKE THEY DON’T HAVE TIME TO COME EXTRA HOURS FOR EDUCATION BLAH, BLAHExplanation of How Gap was BridgedIn this section you will provide a detailed discussion of how the evidence you found for your project enhanced the development and implementation of your project. This will require a detailed discussion about how the current practice was changed, based on the evidence. What about your project helped use current evidence to change nursing practice? What did your situation look like before, what did the literature search instruct you to do, what does your situation look like now, or how will it look when fully implemented?Supporting the Plan In this section you will provide a detailed discussion of both the short and long term maintenance plans your organization will use for your project’s continued success. This might include, for example, creation of working groups or development of administrative support structures (policies, procedures, staffing adjustments, continuing education, or modifications in the organization structure). If you left the organization, how would this project continue without you?KEEP EXTENDED WORKING HOURS FOR ED CM, AND KEEP A DESIGNATED CM FOR THE UTILIZATION REVIEW ONLY (DEALING WITH INSURANCE REPORTS) WHILE OTHER CMs WILL DO DISCHARGE PLANNINGResources for Post-Implementation This section will include a detailed explanation of the resources needed for sustaining the project.I GUESS FINANCIAL RESOURCES. THE HOSPITAL WILL PAY ONE MORE SALARY FOR THAT ADDITIONAL CM (WHO WILL DEAL WITH INSURANCE REPORTS AND SAVE MONEY ON DENIALS)Chapter 5: Reflection Integration of Program OutcomesThis final chapter of your project provides the opportunity to discuss how the project allowed for integration of the program outcomes.Program outcomes are:CM – ED PHYSICIAN – CFO – PAS (PATIENT ACCESS SERVICE: THEY COLLECT INSURANCE INFO FROM PT ON THE DAY OF THE ADMISSION, AND NOTIFY PT’S INSURANCE THAT PT IS IN THE HOSPITAL) >> ALL THESE PEOPLE NEED TO BE A TEAM  PAS WILL NOTIFY THE INSURANCE THE SAME DAY OF PT’S THE ADMISSION AND CM WILL CONTINUE TO SEND DAILY REPORTS SO THE INSURANCE KEEPS APPROVING PT’S STAY AND ALL REQUIRED PROCEDURES AND SURGERIESCHOOSE 2 OUT OF 3 >> You would then discuss how THE project allowed for integration of this program outcomes

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