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Lesson 8 Discussion ForumReflection/Critical Evaluation of

Lesson 8 Discussion ForumReflection/Critical Evaluation of Your Learning OutcomesWrite a critical evaluation of your learning outcomes. In your response, consider:1. The content of this class as they relate to Team Management and managerial decision making.2. Base on the course content, discuss new skills you acquired from this class? How relevant are the new skills to your current and/or future profession?3. How would you apply your new knowledge?Post your original discussion no later than Saturday, May 5 at 11:00 PM EST. Read and respond to at least three (3) of your classmates’ posts.Response-1 (RINI) I really enjoyed being in this class. The subject was interesting and practical. As in real company project, we always have to work in a team. The course content gave me knowledge about team management, how to be effective team leader, what qualities should a team leader should have, what problems and challenges team leader goes through, and the most important was managing team conflict. In any job this will help me in how to understand each other and work in a work. How to choose team and what are the factors to be considered. Team diversity is also important. Team for long term goals working together have more understanding and know how to get work done from each other compare to short term goals. How internal and external cohesiveness work in a team. Daily stand up and status reporting meeting helps in keeping team in track. Onshore and offshore team challenges and different types of teams like self manage team, functional team and cross functional team, matrix team and contract teams. I learnt about each of them and also about the process of team decision making and different techniques used to make team decision like Delphi technique, Brainstorming and normal group technique. I learnt about pros and cons of team decision making.  Leadership paradox and the intra group conflict was interesting topic. Te team communication is very necessary and it should be effective and efficient with proper chain of command. The gap in team communication delays work and create chaos. Lastly the team needs leader who gives autonomy to team, makes them participate in a decision making, does not do any bias or favoritism, gives equal growth opportunity to everyone, and motivation and inspiration will keep team moving towards goals. So cooperation and support of each team members relives stress, reduces individual work load and makes team stronger. The team should be introduced well and should know about each other better by any dinner or lunch get together besides work will help them to be aware of everyone’s likes and dislikes. I can implement this knowledge in future when I will do a real time project in any company. Overall this subject has widened my knowledge and especially professor Eric Harter has been very helpful and supportive and gave the guidelines whenever needed. Thank you ProfessorReponse-2(Ramya) Gives the sound judgment approach to gather the movement of how to set up a course in group administration and support a gainful space and enterprise and even more, to an assortment of settings. Stop group administration of the workplace, society and stuff from each other and know reasonably gives the possibility to figure out how to cooperate. Group administration is enormous, it is basic to enhance the accomplishment of the Association and everything being equal. It additionally helps business courses of action went for reinforcing group enhance in the workplace.Individuals in the general public of that mastery are fundamental to guarantee the legitimacy of the gathering that contains the Director or Manager can lead the group. Figure out how to gather my own particular job by various leveled goals viable group administration course was proposed for directors who need to redesign their reasonableness with capable and group driving, to accomplish, to do as such.Highlights around all group parts get the group spurred group administration courses, figured out how to guarantee the development of a decent group. Further, I likewise battle with group got the fitness to oversee them in a cumbersome circumstance that can show up in an area.Learned as a noteworthy part of this courseI can propel crafted by the Organization reasonably applies to rouse their objective and my supervisor and my bits of knowledge. What’s more, increment proficiency with the goal that the whole association must be met. Can get to me, most staff individuals to accomplish something some lighting is important and there is plausibility of setting with extraordinary administration aptitude and tolerable delineations, my administration aptitudes. I require association changes to any district, and for what reason do they can drive forward through the insufficiencies of the Organization must fortify.I is an imperative expertise to have some delegate doled To show as a teach and to assume liability for the wander has been being able to turn. Can offer certainty to work an appropriate energy about the accomplishments of specialists.References:

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