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Length – No more than 15 double-spaced pages (ex

Length – No more than 15 double-spaced pages (excluding the cover page and the reference page). According to the syllabus include 10 scholarly references, preferably original research. All must be from peer-reviewed nursing scholarly journals. Format – Use APA format for the paper and reference list and use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation that adheres to the Master’s Level writing requirements. This completed paper is an EBP project proposal. A proposal is required in order to plan, gain approval, and conduct an EBP (Research of practice) or to conduct research of discovery. This proposal describes the EBP project in detail. You will not complete this project in this course. In your manuscript, you are expected to address the following content and use these headings. Introduction (As per APA it must match the title of the paper, not bold) Write several sentences that grab the reader’s attention to the topic. Statements that include statistics and numbers support its importance and convey the problem. End this paragraph with: The purpose of this paper is to … (Be sure this is consistent with PICOT content you developed in the first week of this course). Do not include your PICOT question here. It will be included in the Purpose section below in greater detail. Background Describe background related to the problem of concern. Write about the background of the topic in terms of time, duration, how long has it been a problem, whom it affects, any treatment/progress over time that has or has not evolved. Explain outstanding issues related to the problem that have or have not been addressed. Clinical Significance Describe why the topic is important to the healthcare field with regard to patients/patient care. Describe aspects of clinical issues related to the research question or clinical problem – focus on patient care, quality, comfort, and outcomes. Data and statistics supporting the significance of the identified problem will strengthen your document. In this section, you should be able to answer the “so what” question. Purpose Write 2-3 sentences for this section. Be clear and concise. 1) Write the purpose as a research question or as a statement in the PICOT developed for the course. 2) Add: The following are aspects of this EBP project in PICOT format: Population- Who is the population of focus? Intervention or Interest- What is the intervention or interest being studied? Control- Who is the comparison group? Outcome- What outcomes are you seeking or what outcome do you think you will see after the intervention? Timeline- Over what period of time are you going to conduct the research? Literature Review Write an brief introductory paragraph that explains how the ROL was approached i.e. search word, use of databases etc. (within the past 5 years in general, unless there are sentinel studies included in your citations that may be greater than 5-years old). Write one paragraph for each research article found related to the topic. Summarize each study conducted i.e. purpose of study, methodology and findings. Write one summary paragraph at end of ROL that addresses the existing literature on the topic, what is already known and understood, what is the state of the science on this problem etc. Describe gaps in the research literature about your topic. Explain how your project aims to fill gaps in knowledge. Theoretical Framework Write a paragraph that states the theory selected for the evidence. Explain why the theory is a suitable choice to support the EBP project. It is preferable and scholarly to use a primary resource i.e. written by the theorist (for example the required Watson book for this program). Use last names of theorist only, as a last resort you may use a nursing theory textbook. Write at least one paragraph that details the principles of the selected theory that closely supports the premise of the EBP project. Methods – Research Design Describe if your EBP project design is qualitative or quantitative. Further describe the design as: Descriptive Experimental, non-experimental, or quasi-experimental Interviews or focus groups Surveys, questionnaires Focus groups, field studies Prospective vs. Retrospective Others Methods- Sample Describe the participants. Described your inclusion and exclusion criteria. Describe how participants be recruited, examples: Convenience sample of nurses or patients Flyers in clinics or waiting rooms Advertisements Electronic records search State approximately how many participants will be needed for your project. Describe how sample size is justified, if there is a power analysis and if there is comparison or control group. Methods – Setting Explain where you plan to conduct this research of discovery or research of practice project. Describe the setting using terms that convey the setting i.e. suburban, rural, inner city or urban, southeast United States, name of county or state. Explain that a letter of support will be obtained from the clinic or unit to conduct the EBP project (a letters of support/permission from site or unit is required for IRB approval). Methods – Research Protocol Describe step by step the intended procedure for the EBP project. Include: How will you identify participants, obtain consent, and collect data If a measurement tool such as a questionnaire or survey is used, describe the tools, including reliability and validity and include a copy of the tools in an Appendix If Survey Monkey is used, describe how If there is an intervention introduced, describe it in detail Briefly state the time frame for implementing the EBP project, maximum of eight weeks. This is a projection only. IRB approval must be obtained through Keiser University prior to commencement of any research of discovery or research of practice project. If required by the facility, IRB approval will be obtained from the facility wherein the project will be conducted. Address this in your manuscript. Methods – Data Analysis Describe the plan to analyze data i.e. use of SPSS, latest version. State what statistical tests will you use such as t-tests etc. If your proposal is qualitative, describe the approaches you will take to analyze qualitative data. How will you code and create themes in this type of project. Timeline Write a sentence format how long it will take to conduct the reject. In addition, provide timeline benchmarks, for example: Week 1 Prepare forms and tools, explain EBP project, consent forms Weeks 2- 7 Collect data or provide educational series or other Weeks 7 – 8 Analyze data, evaluate findings, and report

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