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Leadership philosophy alignment Organization Descr

Leadership philosophy alignment Organization Description JFK Medical Center is a 486-bed community hospital which serves the residents of Atlantis, Florida. The facility has more than 500 affiliated physicians, 2200 healthcare professionals, and around 300 volunteers (JFK Medical Center, 2019). JFK Medical Center offers a wide range of medical services, including maternity, psychiatric care, cardiac care, surgery, and emergency medicine. As one of the major health facilities in Florida, JFK Medical Center has established a reputation of clinical experience in different surgical and medical specialties (JFK Medical Center, 2019). Leadership philosophy and behaviors The leadership philosophy of the leaders in JFK Medical Center North Campus is the democratic/ participative leadership. This leadership style will entail leaders, considering the input of their subordinates. Democratic leaders will consider the implementation of the goals and objectives of an organization as a collaborative effort from all the stakeholders (Vesterinen, Suhonen, Isola, Paasivaara, & Laukkala, 2014). Democratic leaders will also possess a clear vision of the role that every member of their team will play and incorporate the ideas of such members to implement their vision. Therefore, this type of leadership is quite effective in healthcare settings where health care practitioners will need to have their ideas and approaches; but will also need the support of the leaders in their quest to achieve organizational objectives (Vesterinen et al., 2014). In a democratic style of leadership, all organizational members will be allowed to exchange their ideas freely, participate, and be involved in discussions. Though, the democratic leadership style promotes the free flow of ideas and group equality; the leaders will still be available to offer guidance and control. Democratic leadership will promote creativity, a better contribution from the group, and foster increased group morale. As group members will be encouraged to share their ideas and thoughts, democratic leadership can lead to better ideas and more solutions to problems. As a result of their involvement in decision making, group members will also be more committed to different initiatives and care more about the results (Vesterinen et al., 2014). In JFK Medical Center, the leaders exhibit different behaviors which reflect the democratic philosophy. For example, the leaders will consistently convene meetings to consult the staff on ways of improving patient outcomes and encourage the staff to contribute to such meetings. This collaborative effort leads to the development of numerous creative solutions in the medical center, which helps improve patient outcomes. The leaders of JFK Medical Center support innovative approaches and consistently encourage their team members to share any innovative solutions they may have come up with, especially if there is enough evidence to support such practices. The health practitioners working in JFK Medical Center, therefore, consistently report feeling valued in the workplace as their opinion is considered and the solutions adopted and implemented across the health facility. As a result of the democratic approach of the leaders in the JFK Medical Center, the workers show more commitment to different initiatives that the leaders come up with, such as initiatives to reduce hospital acquired infections and care more about the results and hitting the set targets and objectives. Leader philosophy and organizational design The organizational purpose of the JFK Medical Center north campus is to transform healthcare and to be recognized as an institution which leads positive change in the field of healthcare (JFK Medical Center, 2019). The leaders are pledged to improve human life throughout care. Thus, the organizational purpose of the medical center makes it strive to be a center which promotes innovation to ensure that quality care is affordable, accessible, and human-centered. Therefore, the organization purpose is to deliver excellent care to the highest standards to satisfy patient and family (JFK Medical Center, 2019). The strategy used to achieve the organizational purpose of being the leading organization of positive change in the field of healthcare is the promotion of innovation and creativity in all levels of the health facility. By adopting a democratic leadership philosophy, the leaders of JFK Medical Center establish an environment which promotes collaboration, encourages creativity, taking initiative and owning of results. This supports the creation of solution of different problems and makes the organization one of the institutions which leads innovation and positive change in the health sector. The organizational structure which is utilized to achieve the purpose of JFK Medical Center is the democratic organizational structure. This allows all employees to participate in decisions making and oversee their outcomes and do only a little accounting to the senior leadership (Sfantou, Laliotis, Patelarou, Sifaki-Pistolla, Matalliotakis, & Patelarou, 2017). By possessing a democratic company structure, the leader’s philosophy of JFK Medical Center aligns with organizational design. This makes the organization transparent with all workers knowing who to report to and for what. Across the organization, innovation and initiative are also encouraged. The entry level of the medical center also has leaders. Across the medical center, employees report to finding their work meaningful and always feeling motivated to work (Sfantou et al., 2017). Gaps Gaps exist between leadership philosophy and organizational design is that the leader may provide suggestions and guidance in many instances to subordinates, especially in an institution which requires fast responses. Most gaps in leadership philosophy and organizational decisions in JFK Medical Center are. By utilizing the democratic approach which requires quick solutions in such situation. Henceforth, leaders take the role of providing direction without necessarily consulting the subordinates, which result in arising of high-pressure situations. Limits of organizational design on leaders’ choices The organizational design will impose certain limits on a leader’s choice, as the leader must consider the implementation of different decisions that they make within the organizational structure. For example, in the JFK Medical Center, the leader must always make choices which promote creativity and innovation even in cases where it would be easy to provide specific fixed guidelines. Leadership influence on organizational design A leader will influence organizational design through their personality, self-awareness, problem-solving ability, and experience. In most organizations, the leadership philosophy will be in sync with the organization design (Vesterinen et al., 2013). Recommendations To bridge the gaps between leadership philosophy and organizational design, it will be critical that leaders take time to understand the purpose of the organization and interpret it amicably. Therefore, having a clear understanding of the organization’s purpose will make leaders understand the organizational design and adopt an ideal philosophy to match it and achieve the organizational goal (Clawson, 2018). Leaders could also work to promote a visible corporate culture or educate themselves on organizational culture if they are new in their post (Clawson, 2018). This will enable such leaders to understand what members of a given organization value in the organizational design and eventually adopt a leadership philosophy which matches with these aspects of the organization. References Clawson, J. (2018). Leading organizational design. Management educator: Courses, cases & teaching eJournal. JFK Medical Center. (2019) About Us. Retrieved from: on 10/06/2019. Sfantou, D. F., Laliotis, A., Patelarou, A. E., Sifaki-Pistolla, D., Matalliotakis, M., & Patelarou, E. (2017). Importance of leadership style towards quality of care measures in healthcare settings: A systematic review. Healthcare (Basel, Switzerland), 5(4), 73. Vesterinen, S., Suhonen, M., Isola, A., Paasivaara, L., & Laukkala, H. (2013). Nurse managers’ perceptions related to their leadership styles, knowledge, and skills in these areas-a viewpoints: case of health center wards in Finland. ISRN Nursing, 951456.

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