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Instructions: Reimbursement Models-Assessment 1Int

Instructions: Reimbursement Models-Assessment 1IntroductionNote: This assessment uses the following media piece as the context for developing the reimbursement model memo. Review this media piece before you submit your assessment.Basic understanding of the reimbursement system requires one to appreciate the size and scope of the system, the complexities associated with the system, and the various subsystems and payment rules associated with health care reimbursement and finance. As a dominant player in the health care sector, the U.S. federal government is the largest single payer for health care services. As a result of its size and dominance within the system, any changes made by the federal government regarding its reimbursement of health services profoundly affect those who are rendering the care, including providers, other payers, and the health system overall. In addition to government-sponsored health insurance, various other forms of health coverage, generally tied to employment as a benefit, were introduced in the United States to help offset the expenses associated with the treatment of illness and injury.In an effort to address concerns within the U.S. health system regarding cost, access, and quality, Congress passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or ACA) in 2010, with President Barack Obama signing it into law. Components of the PPACA included making health insurance coverage affordable, expanding Medicaid coverage, and improving quality while controlling costs. To this end, the ACA required the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) to promote the concept of the accountable care organization (ACO) through a shared savings plan driven by a triple-aim approach. In addition to the ACO, the ACA required CMS to implement value-based purchasing programs that would reward hospitals for the quality of care they provided to enrollees.As the recipient of the largest share of Medicare funds, the new value-based purchasing approach measures hospital performance using four domains:Each measure scores the hospital performance achievement as well as their performance improvement.As a health care sector employee, understanding the complex U.S. health care reimbursement system allows one to serve as a reference to internal and external stakeholders, family members, and organizational departments whose needs often require a working knowledge of how the system is financed.In this assessment, you demonstrate your understanding of traditional and emerging health care reimbursement models by composing a memo that outlines the characteristics and differences between reimbursement models. This memo targets relevant stakeholders from the Vila Health media simulation based in St. Anthony Medical Center.ReferenceCasto, A. B., & Forrestal, E. (2015). Principles of healthcare reimbursement (5th ed.). Chicago, IL: AHIMA Press.Demonstration of ProficiencyBy successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:InstructionsYou will use Vila Health: Investigating a Readmission as the context to address Part 4 of this assessment.Several of the Vila Health’s stakeholders are seeking clarification regarding new reimbursement models they have been hearing about recently. For this assessment, prepare a two-page memorandum outlining the differences between the new reimbursement models and prior, traditional models for stakeholders.Support your assertions in the memo with at least three academic sources. This may require you to do additional independent research. You may wish to consult the Health Care Administration Undergraduate Library Research Guide before you begin any additional research.This assessment has four main parts. Before you begin, be sure to review the scoring guide for this assessment.Part 1: Traditional Reimbursement ModelsDescribe traditional reimbursement models like fee-for-service or capitated payments. You might want to consider the following when developing this part:This part should be at least one paragraph long, but probably no more than half a page.Part 2: New Reimbursement ModelsDescribe current trends in reimbursement models like accountable care organizations or value-based payments. You might want to consider the following when developing this part:This part should be at least one paragraph long, but probably no more than half a page.Part 3: Comparison of ModelsDevelop a concise comparison of the key similarities and differences of the reimbursement process between traditional and current models. Also, include considerations related to the role of quality in reimbursement, and why it might be included in newer models.This part should likely be between a half and one page long.Part 4: Quality ConcernsSpecifically address the recent problematic patient case from the Vila Health: Investigating a Readmission scenario. Briefly discuss how the care provided would be reimbursed under prior models versus reimbursement under newer models, based on your assertions in Part 3 of your memo. Also, identify quality issues that will likely impact the organization’s reimbursement under new payment models.This part should be at least one paragraph long, but probably no more than half a page.Additional Submission Requirements

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