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Instructions Policy Issue Analysis Students will s

Instructions Policy Issue Analysis Students will select a healthcare policy issue with a bill introduced in a current Legislative session. The bill can be at the state level if your home state Legislature is currently in Session. If your State Legislature is not currently, you will be required to select a bill at the Federal level in the 115th U.S. Congress. The 115th U.S. Congress began Jan. 3, 2017 and ends Jan. 2019. It is imperative that students select a bill introduced in the 115th Congress. The bill should introduced and currently making its way through the legislative process, but that has not yet passed or been enacted. When the 114th Congress ended in Dec. 2016, all legislation that was not acted upon “died”, so any legislation would be required to be re-introduced into the 115th Congress and would have a different bill number that the same legislation in a previous legislative session. Based on your education, work experiences, and human nature, most of you probably already have opinions about many health care policy issues. A big challenge is to set aside your personal and professional opinions when analyzing health care policies in order to review the facts objectively. You need to gather the facts before you draw conclusions about the value of a policy. Grading Rubric /1 Introductory paragraph (one paragraph). Introduce the health care issue. There must be a thesis statement at the end of the paragraph that tells the reader purpose of paper and what will be discussed. Focus on the issue and not the legislation. /1 Problem Identification/Policy Problem Description – Describe the problem including information regarding causes and effects. Problem identification provides a reason for the work and sense of direction for evidence gathering. Avoid including possible solutions in your problem identification/definition. /3 Social and Economic Factors – Social: Why is this a problem? Who are those involved? How are they impacted? What is the incidence/prevalence? Include statistics on the numbers of people affected. Economic: Who does it cost? How much does it cost? Use specific $, %. #, etc. Include the impact of the problem as it relates to monetary costs, days lost in work, etc . Include state or national perspectives (depending on whether Legislation is at the State or Federal level) with statistics, facts, figures, monetary data) /2 Ethical Factors – Discuss related ethical issues. Identify ethical principles being violated. /5 Stakeholders. This rubric section will be submitted as an appendix. Using the provided template , identify those individuals and groups with an interest in the outcome of the issue (those impacting the development of the policy and/or who will be impacted by the policy) in an appendix. For each stakeholders you will (a) identify who the stakeholders are, (b) discuss their stake, (c) discuss whether they are likely to support or oppose this policy based on your discussion of what their stake is, and (d) state whether you think their influence on the policy’s development, implementation, or success is high, medium, or low. Support your statements with evidence from the literature. Strategy to engage stakeholder – choose a stakeholder who you identified as being highly influential but whose views on the bill are opposite of yours. How will you as a graduate prepared nurse attempt to engage this stakeholder in your efforts to support or oppose this bill? Consider what is important to them as well as their ability to contribute to or block your efforts. Support with section with references. /1 Policy Option/Alternative – This is where you introduce the policy option for the selected heath care topic/issue. Provide the actual name and number of the bill and include a brief description of the bill. Discuss how the bill addresses the identified issue. The bill may or may not be the exact answer. You are looking to see what is available already, or what changes or revisions you might need to ask your legislator to include in the bill. Include APA formatted citation for bill. /6 Evaluation of Bill – Evaluative criteria are used to measure the outcomes and impacts of a policy alternative. Students will describe the selected evaluation criteria ( effective, efficient, and equitable) and will evaluate the selected bill based on the evaluation criteria (effective, efficient, and equitable) using pro and con statements. The bill must have a pro and con statement for each evaluative criteria (effective, efficient, and equitable). Write pro and con statements using complete sentences. Use peer reviewed resources from the literature to support the pro and con statements and provide citations for each pro and con statement. Do not use the bill for reference citations for pro and con statements. All references should be included in Reference list. This rubric section will be submitted as an appendix using the template provided. /4 Results of Analysis & Summary – State whether you would recommend or oppose the bill based on the analysis. Make sure to back up your recommendation with the facts. Summarize the analysis of the bill based on each evaluative criteria (effective, efficient, and equitable). Describe how the bill does/does not improve the social, economic, and ethical factors. No bill is ideal or perfect – Discuss at least one (1) change or revision that needs to be included in the bill to improve the bills overall effectiveness, efficiency, and equability. /1 Conclusions: Summarize the essential points of paper in one paragraph. /1 Talking Points (one page). Attach as an Appendix. Title talking points page with the name/number of the bill and include a brief description of bill. Single space, use bullet formatting and write using complete sentences. Use headings to introduce your talking points. Include at least 6-8 bullet points with reference citations and include the following: At least 1 bullet states the problem or issue. At least 1 bullet on national statistics concerning the number of patients/nurses the issue affects (Use state statistics if you selected a state bill). At least 2 bullets on the impact of the problem as it relates to monetary costs, days lost in work, or pain and suffering for those affected are included. At least 1 bullet addresses the estimated impact of the bill or an alternative solution to the problem if you are opposed to the bill. At least 1 bullet addresses another point significant to the issue. /25 Total Points The paper should be written in a formal, scholarly style, and based on primary resources. Correct APA format is required. The paper should be between 5-6 pages in length (excluding title page, reference pages, and appendices) and should have a minimum of 10 peer reviewed references. References should be timely; published within the previous five (5) years. For a paper of this length, students are expected to use to use heading consistent with the rubric sections. In addition, students should follow the order of the grading rubric. Each paper should be submitted to Submit appendices to turnitin. Remember to remove title page and reference pages prior to turnitin submission. A copy of the turnitin originality report should be merged with the paper to the Assignment section. Submission instructions: each paper should be submitted in PDF format to the appropriate category of Assignments section. Your Turnitin report should be merged with your paper prior to submission. (There will be one document uploaded to the Assignment section.) For submission: each paper should be “named” according to the File naming policy of the course. Submission instruction: each paper should be submitted in PDF format to the appropriate category of Assignments section. (There will be one document uploaded to the Assignment section.) Up to 20% of the total points for this assignment may be deducted for an overall lack of scholarship to include: APA errors, grammatical errors, incorrect spelling, over the page limit, failure to attach turnitin report, etc. Assignments not submitted properly will not be graded and will receive a 10% deduction. If this occurs, students will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to resubmit correctly.

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