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**** IMPORTANT: I will send the slide notes and pi

**** IMPORTANT: I will send the slide notes and pictures from the Museum I visited of images that were taken of ancient Greek vases and art. I would like the paper to be about The Ancient Greek times. ILLUSTRATED PROJECT As a designer, you will need to develop your eye by constantly traveling, visiting historic sites, and analyzing objects. For your illustrated project you will be combining a field trip to a museum to choose examples of period furniture or decorative objects with a presentation for a hypothetical client who wants you to design a room incorporating two objects you found in a museum. The client is not only interested in aesthetics, but also wants to know the background of the style. Please use only an 8-1/2 x 11 SOFT notebook format for this presentation (the type where you press down the brass tabs, NOT a three-ring binder). 1. The first page of your presentation must show a picture of you at the museum standing next to one of two objects you have chosen from that museum. (You can choose objects from more than one museum.) The objects must be furniture or decorative objects, not art objects such as sculptures or paintings. 2. Using your lecture notes as well as outside research, present a two-page (double spaced, 1-inch margins) or more essay on the historical, social, and political backdrop of the period design. Cite the ideas behind the style and what is typical about the design of the style. (For example, what design elements are typical of Etruscan design? The client is not only interested in aesthetics, but also wants to know the background of the period. Your essay should be in your own words, and if you do quote material other than your own, please annotate it. Don’t forget to use grammar and spell check! 3. Present a design for a living space such as a bedroom, living room, etc. a) The first page of this section should be a large image that represents the “feeling” of the final room. (You might call this an “inspiration room.”) You can use an image from lecture or find your own representative image. Your design thoughts can center around a modern room or a “revival”. For example, if you choose Egyptian objects, a modern room should have an Egyptian feel about it. If you choose to do a “revival” room, think Art Deco Egyptian Revival or Victorian Egyptian Revival. You don’t have to draw anything or do a mockup. b) The next few pages will exhibit the two examples from the museum(s) you visited. Show your pictures of each object, then underneath the pictures, give your description of each object. In your writing, discuss what makes each of your museum pieces representative of the era. Include the name of the item, the maker (if known), the date, the materials used, and other important information. Spend a lot of time examining details so that you really get a sense of why these elements fit the period. Discuss details in depth in your writing—colors, materials, symbolism, construction methods, the backdrop of the period and why these represent the period, etc. Each one of three museum objects require descriptions of a minimum of 300 words. (To give you an idea, items 1, 2, and 3 up to this point here are 400 words.) c) Then the next few pages should include two images of furniture and two images of decorative objects from the period you have chosen. For example, if you are presenting an Art Deco Egyptian-style room, include three objects from the 1920s. These can be from your museum visits or images from the Internet, magazines, or books. Don’t just throw images in—each of these additional pieces need a short description. It doesn’t have to be 300 words, but at least label each object with a name, date, and maker (if known) and say a few words about why it representative of the era. To recap how many images you need: a) Inspiration room. b) Two decorative object from the museum(s) you visited, with extensive explanation. c) Two additional pieces of furniture from your Internet or library research, with a brief explanation. d) Two additional decorative objects from your Internet or library research, with a brief explanation. You don’t need to draw anything—use Internet images, scanned images from books, or your own photographs for the main image, furniture, and decorative objects. Please make sure the overall room idea is presented first so I can see where you are headed with your ideas. Everything should flow and have a cohesive feeling so that the client understands your vision for what the final room will look like. What I am looking for is that you show that you have developed an “eye” for the distinguishing characteristics of the designer and/or period. The client should be able to get a clear idea of what the finished room will look like from the presentation you have given. Please use the following format when preparing your work: Times New Roman (12 point) or some other easy-to-read font, double spaced, with one-inch margins. It is extremely important that you run your papers through grammar and spell check. Make sure your color images are large enough to show details.

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