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Here are the instructions. The paper is a qualitat

Here are the instructions. The paper is a qualitative appraisal of two articles about my chosen phenomenon of interest, which is hypertension. I will upload the joanna briggs appraisal tool, level of evidence tool, chapters that must be referenced in the paper, and some articles. Do not worry about the matrix I will do it. The paper part is 6 page limit not counting the title page, reference pages, matrix, and appraisal tools. Must have the two articles being appraised plus 3 more peer-reviewed articles. I’m will also upload some articles for use. Instructions Rubric and Directions Please don’t forget to review the materials in the Start here/Your Resources section on writing-thesis statement, running heads, spacing in the papers, etc. 1. Introduction: Include an introduction paragraph and a thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph. Your thesis statement should be no longer than 1 sentence summarizing the purpose of the paper. / 1 point 2. Qualitative Literature: Describe the term qualitative research in your own words and how you could collect qualitative data from your own place of work and how that data can be applied to your POI. /2 points. 3. Finding Qualitative Articles and Creating an Appraisal Appendix: (while this is your next step in the paper, it is only included as an appendix to the paper). You need to find 2 different types of qualitative articles/studies related to your POI (at least one-and ONLY one- of your studies should be one of the following (Qualitative) meta-ethnography, meta-study, meta- summary, critical interpretive synthesis, grounded formal theory or thematic synthesis, systematic review, meta-synthesis. The articles should be attached to your paper after the appendices. Then, critically appraise the 2 selected articles by selection the appropriate appraisal tool from the list previously provided. Attach these completed appraisals to your paper after the references as an Appendix. You must complete the tool by addressing each question or comment. Be sure to include the title of th t d ti l th t f th t l /4 i t Return to Unit 4 March 24th to April 15th Back Next 3/11/2018 Lesson Item… 2/4 the study article on the top of the tool. /4 points 4. Article Discussion: Using the information from your appraisal tools, discuss the following concepts as they apply to each study: (a) confirmability, (b) transferability, (c) trustworthiness and (d) credibility. If data saturation occurred in the studies sample then you should discuss this finding as well. Be sure to review Chap 8 & 25 (Polit) and the Steps to Complete your Qualitative paper for additional information. /8 points 5. Application of Articles: Based on your appraisal of each study and utilizing one of the Levels of Evidence (strength) and Grades of Recommendation (quality) tools provided, discuss the level of evidence and grade of recommendation you would apply to each study. Be sure to cite the tools used to determine both levels of evidence and grades of recommendation. How will you use the information from the articles in your work as an APN? What value does qualitative data/literature have in practice? (Additional resources should be used here-textbooks would be at least 1 option). /6 points 6. Conclusion: Provide a summary of the main points of the paper in 1 concluding paragraph. Remember that your conclusion paragraph should not contain any new information that was not presented elsewhere in the paper. / 1 point 7. Matrix: Attach a thoroughly completed evidence matrix as an appendix after the appraisals of the qualitative articles. /4 points DEDUCTIONS: Lack of scholarship up to 20% of the total point value (5 points) may be deducted for any of the following errors: incorrect submission format (not in a pdf, incorrect file name), APA errors, title or reference page errors, incorrect paraphrasing or plagiarism concerns, lack of clarity, conciseness in writing, grammar, spelling, over the page limit, and/or poor overall writing skills. Articles or Appraisal Tool Deductions: Failure to merge your completed appraisal tools will result in a deduction of 5% per article/study (1.25 points/study). Choosing the wrong tool for your selected study will result in a 5% (1.25 points) deduction. This deduction will apply to each tool/study). Selecting an incorrect type of study for this paper will result in a 5% deduction (1.25 points) per study. Failure to merge your article to the paper will result in a 5% (1.25 points) deduction per study article. Order of Paper for FINAL SUBMISSION of Paper: Title page, paper with references, appendices (appraisal tools (2) and the selected articles (2) used for the appraisal, matrix), and turnitin originality report 3/11/2018 Lesson Item… 3/4 and turnitin originality report. Max page limit: 6 pages excluding title page, Reference page, appendices and turnitin report. Faculty can not pre-approve any article selections for student. Students are expected to include scholarly references with this paper. While you can use your textbooks, you should limit the use of textbooks to no more than 2 resources, all others should be peer reviewed. A minimum of 3 additional peer- reviewed references should be included, excluding text books, tools, and the articles used in the appraisals. Rules on References : The 2 qualitative studies/articles used may be older than 5 years because some of the specific types of articles you are asked to find can be difficult to locate. However, the other references used to support your paper that were not previously used in the selected 2 qualitative articles, will need to be within 5 years. Using references that are older than 5 years (with the exception of your 2 articles used in appraisal) may result in an overall scholarship deduction. TOTAL POINTS: /25 points

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