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HEDU 3600: Planning Chapter 7: Theories and Models

HEDU 3600: Planning Chapter 7: Theories and Models Commonly used for Health Promotion – Spring 2019 Instructions: In no more than 3 double spaced typed pages – 12-points New Times Roman or 11-point Ariel – you are to identify, describe and apply a theory/model that will help you develop the intervention for your project/program. At the top of the first-page include your name, assigned health problem and county, and priority population. This should be followed by the following: 1. Identify a behavior your program will address that is a significant contributing factor to your health problem. 2. Identify and describe the theory/model you will use to explain that behavior and to guide your program development. For this assignment please select a model or theory we’ve discussed in class that explains behavior at either the intrapersonal or interpersonal level (Theory of Planned Behavior, Health Belief Model, Transtheoretical Model, Precaution Adoption Process Model, or Social Cognitive Theory). 3. Explain why you chose this theory/model. Why is it a good fit for the behavior you are focusing on and the program you want to develop to address your health problem? In your explanation, include two other theories/models you considered and explain why you chose your theory/model over the other two. 4. Select at least 3 constructs from your theory/model to apply to the behavior you are focusing on. Define each construct and apply it to the particular behavior you are trying to change. Here’s an example of how to do that: Assume 1) my health problem is uncontrolled diabetes among African American women in Wake County, 2) the behavior I’m going to focus on is taking medication as prescribed, and 3) the model I’m going to use to explain that behavior is the Health Belief Model. If one construct from the model that I want to use is perceived barriers, then I would do two things. The first is defining the construct, that is, explaining what “perceived barriers” refers to – namely all the things that a person thinks make it difficult for her to engage in a given behavior. The second thing is applying the construct to the particular behavior my program will address. In this case I would list all the things that someone might think makes it difficult to take diabetes medication as prescribed. This list might include the cost of the medication, lack of transportation to the pharmacy, hating needles if someone has to inject insulin, and side effects of the medication. Then I would repeat this process for at least two other constructs of the model (e.g., perceived susceptibility, perceived severity, perceived benefits, cues to action, and self-efficacy). Assignment is due Tuesday, April 9thh by 11:59 pm Grading Rubric: 40 Points for Content: Quality, breadth, relevance, and appropriateness Points Earned Criteria (Weights or Points Available) • Relevant behavior is selected. (4) • Selected theory is described clearly, accurately, and thoroughly (but concisely). (8) • Explanation for selecting this theory is clear and reasonable and reflects a good understanding of the theory. Two other theories are considered; why the selected theory was chosen over them is explained well. (12) • At least three constructs from the theory are accurately defined and appropriately applied to the identified behavior. (16) 10 Points for Form: Quality of the writing and presentation Points Earned Criteria (Weight or Points Available) • Quality of writing: Grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, sentence sense, sentence structure (7) • Adherence to paper specifications: 3 pages long, double-spaced, 12-point New Times Roman or 11-point Ariel font. Health problem, county and priority population are listed at the top of the paper. Paper is divided into 4 distinct sections. (3) Total: Comments:

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