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. Discussion postings: The discussion board will provide you with opportunity to reflect upon the lived experiences of patients who have health conditions that are related to the weekly course concepts we will be discussing in class. The discussion postings will be worth 5% of the total mark for the course. In order to receive the full 5%, you must submit 5 discussion postings over the semester or reply to five postings by your colleagues. All postings must use APA format and support with scholarly evidence. Each posting will be worth 1%. Students will state their position, demonstrate insightful, critical and reflective thinking regarding each discussion topic/question, cite supporting evidence from experience and academic literature, make connections to nursing theory, advanced practice, patient safety, nursing leadership and/or discern relationships (patterns), and will be APA formatted.  Recommended posting length for each question/discussion posting is (minimum 300 words). Must be completed by Dec. 4, 2019 @0800 hrs. You may read other students’ discussion postings and respond to their comments, however your response must be a thoughtful, researched posting (cannot simply state you agree or disagree), APA format. I page single space In APA format for each lessonLesson #3 Discussion Congestive Heart Failure Mr. M’s condition continues to deteriorate and he states, “I want to die, I cannot take all of this poking and prodding anymore. I am useless and know that I can’t do anything for myself anymore.”Consider one or more of the following articles on the reading list or documents below to discuss how you will address Mr. M’s comment.   Lesson #4 Discussion Posting COPD   Mr. C. was admitted to hospital for respiratory care and monitoring of his respiratory status. Three days after admission Mr. C’s respiratory status deteriorated and was found semi-comatose. He was transferred to ICU for respiratory support with mechanical assisted ventilation. While in ICU, he regained consciousness and made a gradual recovery and was then transferred back to the medical floor. While awaiting his discharge from the medical floor he expresses to the nurse, “The next time this happens, I don’t want to and cannot go through all of this again, I just want you to let me go.” Consider one or more of the following to discuss how you will address Mr. C’s comment.Article by Bailey-Hall (2004)Article by Gysels and Higginson(2008)Article by Kolcaba (1994)- Comfort theory or Any other supportive nursing literature #6 Discussion Question Diabetes  J.S requires teaching about his diabetes. Using what you have learned in the article by Barton, S.S., Anderson, N., & Thommasen, H.V. (2005) and the Giger, J. N., & Davidhizar, R. (2002) transcultural assessment model, discuss how you would modify your teaching.    Lesson #10 Discussion Question Mental Health   Read the article: Carrick, R., Mitchell, A., Powell, R.A., & Lloyd, K. (2004). The quest for well-being: A qualitative study of the experience of taking antipsychotic medication. Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice, 77(1), 19–33.Review information about the side effects of Antipsychotic medications and the effect on the patient. Post a discussion outlining the varied presentations a patient might have when experiencing Extrapyramidal Side Effects (EPSs). Be sure to include other conditions these symptoms might mimic and how this will change your practice. Discuss the lived experience of the patient. Lesson #5 Discussion Posting Colorectal Cancer   Read the article by: Eifried, S. (2003).Consider one or more of the following clips from the movie “Wit” and discuss the importance of “humanity” in the care provided to patients who are experiencing 1) fear, 2) suffering, 3) pain, or 4) isolation. Incorporate at least one piece of literature which considers the “lived experience” of a patient who is experiencing one of these.1) Clip 1- Diagnosis (opening clip in which the patient receives a diagnosis of stage 4 cervical cancer)2) Clip 4- Doctor of philosophy (clip in which the patient undergoes diagnostic tests)3) Clip 7- Learning to suffer (clip in which the patient copes with side effects of chemo)4) Clip 9- Grand rounds (clip in which the medical team holds rounds around the patient’s bed)5) Clip 13- Cancer is “Awesome”; Clip 14- The Lesson (clip in which the patient has a conversation with a medical resident about why he went into cancer care and then on her treatment of students in her job as a professor)6) Clip 16- The “soporific” effect (clip in which the patient suffers with pain)7) Clip 17- Salvation Anxiety (clip in which a nurse and doctor have a conversation over the patient during a catheterization)All of the clips may be viewed on youtube, copy and paste the link into your browser.

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