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Dear writer id# 5251,Week 2 project. This Paper is

Dear writer id# 5251,Week 2 project. This Paper is due on 7/23/19.Research Paper questionThis week, you will continue to work on your research paper.  Each week, a 3 to 5-page paper covering specific issues to consider for your epidemiological topic is due.Use outside resources to begin formulating a 3- to 5-page synopsis of your research in a Microsoft Word document. In this synopsis, incorporate the following:Last week discussed different works in the field of epidemiology. You examined how an epidemiological work provides a comprehensive understanding of transmission and clinical consequences of a disease and ways to screen the general population for the disease. You also measured disease frequency, incidence, and prevalence. This week will focus on identifying the sources of public health data. You will review designs of commonly used epidemiologic studies and learn about descriptive epidemiology. You will learn how the epidemiological study reports help in keeping public health professionals informed about epidemics. You will also explore the steps to be followed for conducting experimental and observational studies.Let’s learn about different sources of epidemiological data used in the field of public health.Your Learning Objectives for the Week:ResourcesSources of Epidemiological DataYou probably can deduce whether your friends or family members are healthy, but determining the overall health of a nation can be far more difficult. To determine the overall health status of a nation, you have to look at regional or national data.Where Do We Find Such Data?Public health officials tend to rely on data collected by certain governmental and nongovernmental agencies to compare the health and disease burdens of different counties, states, and countries. Health agencies use many reliable sources of information on the health of the US population.As you may already know, data is routinely collected on births, deaths, acute illnesses, injuries, chronic conditions, infectious diseases, birth defects, and pregnancy outcomes. By analyzing this data, researchers can:International Source of DataThere are many sources of international data and ways to compare the health of nations. The World Health Organization (WHO) is considered the authority on the health of all people and has reported international morbidity and mortality data since 1951. It has also collected data on cancer incidence and mortality from many countries. For example, Cancer Incidence in Five Continents is a publication used by WHO for collecting data about cancer incidence.Usually, the definitions used to collect public health data are consistent across nations, allowing for accurate comparisons. However, it is best to always familiarize yourself with the definitions being used when you try to draw conclusions from the data. Let’s look at an example of how differing definitions can be used.Descriptive EpidemiologyEpidemiology deals especially with disease-related questions such as:Answering these questions in detail allows researchers to make hypotheses about the causes of a disease and develop strategies to reduce those at risk to the disease.In descriptive epidemiology, researchers analyze disease patterns based on person, place, and time.Let’s discuss each of these three descriptors in detail.By concurrently studying the person, place, and time of a disease or condition, epidemiologists can identify commonalities and propose the cause and effect of the disease or condition.An epidemic is the occurrence in a community or a region of cases of an illness, a specific health-related behavior, or other health-related event clearly in excess of normal expectancy. An epidemic can be infectious, such as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) or food poisoning, or noninfectious, such as obesity.Public health officials use descriptive data to:Let’s now learn about the steps to be followed for experimental and observational studies in the field of public health to understand the distribution and determinants of disease frequency.Experimental and Observational StudiesThe following are the steps to be followed for experimental and observational studies that help us understand the distribution and determinants of disease frequency:The Wikipedia is not helpful, not always accurate and NOT to be used. Many other sites online contain information that is not refereed, meaning no third party has verified that information to be accurate or correct. It is posted without validation.Please DO NOT use or reference the Wikipedia,, howstuffworks, ehow or any similar sites. These and similar sites will not be accepted as sources for any of our papers or essaysFinal Project OverviewIn this assignment, you will write a research paper on an epidemiological topic of your choice. The topic should not be the same as that used for your other written assignments. Each week, you will work on a portion of your paper so that you complete the final paper by the time it is due in Week 5.Note: The criteria for grading will be your ability to demonstrate:The criteria for grading will be weighted as follows: 80% content and 20% mechanics.Let’s take a look at what you will do in each week:

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