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Concept Analysis – Direction/Rubric Summer 2019

Concept Analysis – Direction/Rubric Summer 2019 NU 607 – Concept Analysis Discussion General Assignment requirements:  For the discussion question assignments, each student will post an initial post minimum of 750 words (excluding reference list) in the forum.  Initial post to include a minimum of six (6) peer-reviewed references.  Please see the guidelines for an effective discussion and student engagement.  A PDF copy of the chosen Concept Analysis article should be placed in the forum as an attachment. Initial Post: (POI: Decreasing Inpatient boarding in the ED) 1. Select a Concept Analysis from the peer-reviewed literature that has relevance or significance to the Phenomenon of Interest you selected earlier this semester. Search tips are given in the Keynote for Unit 2. You must use the same POI topic for all assignments this semester. Your faculty cannot provide “approval” for the article chosen as article selection is part of the assignment. 2. Summarize the required key points from the article: what is the purpose of the analysis, what are the implications for nursing practice, what are the critical attributes of the concept? This information should be taken from the article you selected and referenced appropriately. 3. Next, you will explain why you chose this particular article and why the concept has significance for your POI. Be sure to support this section with additional peer-reviewed references. 4. The final section of the discussion should explain how the concept analysis impacts the way you view the POI within the context of your specialty practice. 5. You should attach a PDF copy of the Concept Analysis article to your initial posting. 6. Submit a copy of the Turnitin report for the Initial post to the Assignment section by the due date of the initial post. The final resources are examples of published Concept Analysis articles from the peer reviewed literature. Please note that you may NOT use these articles for this upcoming assignment. There are literally hundreds of published concept analysis articles to choose from in the literature, these article are provided to show you an example of what you are looking for to complete this assignment. Concept Analysis of Healing Concept Analysis of Feminism Concept Analysis 10% Selection of Concept Analysis Concept Analysis 1. Select a concept analysis from the peer reviewed nursing literature with relevance to your chosen Phenomenon of Interest (POI). 2. Attach a copy of the article to your initial post. Explain Choice of Concept Analysis 15% Concept Analysis: Explain Choice Concept Analysis: Explain Choice 1. Why was this particular Concept Analysis chosen? 2. What is the relevance of the Concept Analysis to your POI or your practice? 3. Support this section with at least two (2) peer-reviewed references (excluding textbook). Choice, Key Points, and Impact 40% Summary of Key Points Concept Analysis: Summary of Key Points 1. Describe the author’s purpose for conducting the concept analysis. 2. Identity the critical attributes assigned to the concept analysis. 3. Discuss implications for nursing practice resulting from the concept analysis. 4. Include citation/reference for the Concept Analysis article. 5. Include at least one (1) new or additional peer reviewed reference. Impact of Concept Analysis Concept Analysis Impact: 1. Describe the impact of the Concept Analysis on the way you view your POI. 2. Describe whether the Concept Analysis offered new insights into the POI. 3. Discuss contribution of the Concept Analysis in clarifying an aspect of the POI. 4. Include at least two (2) peer-reviewed references. Scholarship 20% Graduate Level Scholarship Demonstrate Graduate Level Scholarship. 1. Scholarly writing style; DO NOT use first-person language in initial post. 2. Initial post submitted to Turnitin, with minimal similarity. 3. Introduction and conclusion not required for this Discussion. 4. Organize work by headings. 5. Writing should be clear and concise. 6. Initial post to include a minimum of six (6) peer reviewed references (this includes the Concept Analysis article). 7. Citations and references follow APA format. 8. Writing should be free of APA errors, excluding line spacing in Forum Discussions. 9. Writing should be free of grammatical and spelling errors. 10. Initial post minimum 750 words (excluding reference list); cross-posts minimum 250 words. Peer-posts to be succinct. 11. Follow all assignment instructions. 12. Demonstrate good overall writing skill. Cross Post 10% Active Engagement 5%

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