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Community is defined as a group of people often li

Community is defined as a group of people often living in a defined geographical area who may share a common culture, values and norms. Community is vital to the health of an individual. By conducting an assessment, the community nurse can recognize the strengths and weakness of said community. I conducted a windshield survey in the city of Baxley, GA based off my chosen aggregate of males with a family history of hypertension living in Appling County who meet the criteria for prehypertension. I have chosen this area of focus since heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States according to Healthy People 2020.By driving through the community, I was able to assess several characteristics of the population. The age and condition of the homes in the community appear old but in good condition with a few appearing to have been recently renovated. The houses within the city limits overall appear to have a decent sized amount of acreage- there is a vast amount of space between homes and businesses. Outside of the city limits, several houses appear newer in age with larger amounts of yard space. Baxley, GA is a rural community which can be easily identified by the farm equipment travelling the roads and numerous farm lands and pastures.There are two parks located in town. Both have basketball courts, sidewalk space for walking, playgrounds, and a swimming pool open during certain times of the year. One of the parks has a tennis court, however, it is unkept and probably not used quite often. Besides the parks, there are three fitness centers. Furthermore, there are two grocery stores where people can go shopping for food and other basic needs. The restaurant selection appears to be limited. There are little to none healthy dining options. The selection consists of popular food franchises such as McDonalds, Burger King, etc. and a few ‘southern cooking’ type restaurants.As far as ‘neighborhood hangouts’, there are no visible places for leisure such as a movie theater, bowling alley, etc. From what I could observe, several younger people appear to hangout at the Wal-Mart parking lot talking outside of their vehicles. I did not notice any signs or advertisement for upcoming local events.There is no public transportation in the community, which could be troublesome by hindering some people from access to healthcare. However, I did not notice many people walking or riding bicycles and there were several cars on the road. The roads through the main parts of town are in good shape with trees lining the streets and well-kept landscaping. Department stores for shopping are scarce, but there are a few local businesses where clothing, tools, and such can be purchased.Places of worship are abundant; there are numerous churches located throughout the area. They are primarily Christian faith-based churches. Many Trump 2020 campaign affiliate signs are located throughout the area, giving the idea that much of the population is Republican. The people of the community were seen driving or going into various stores. A good amount of people appear to be overweight.There are a few doctor offices, a senior care center, and a hospital as healthcare services. I noticed only one dental office. Mental health services were extremely limited.  The percentage of the population which is uninsured is an estimated 17.5% (data US). Being without insurance can negatively affect a person’s health by limiting their resources to healthcare. Also, uninsured people commonly postpone or forgo getting care due to this reason. This can have detrimental effects when preventable conditions or chronic diseases go unnoticed.By performing this assessment, I was able to gather a multitude of information about the community. A nurse can conduct a plan from such information to help improve the health of the community based off its observable needs.References(2019). Retrieved 29 August 2019, from County, GA | Data USA. (2019). Retrieved 29 August 2019, from of Healthy Settings. (2019). Retrieved 29 August 2019, from

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