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Assignment 1 BIO 669 Bike Accident A 15 yo male pa

Assignment 1 BIO 669 Bike Accident A 15 yo male patient presents with mild headache following a bicycle accident last night. He had superficial lacerations that were clean and bandaged with no sign of infection, including on the forehead. He states he did not want to make a big deal out of the accident and did not tell his parents until this morning, when they decided to have him evaluated. (Below are example questions and answers to give you an indication of the style, depth and types of Q&A used in this class. The bolded questions below are your assignment tasks. Copy the question and then give the answer when turning in your assignment to make it easier to evaluate.) Relevant signs and symptoms should you ask about upon presentation include, but are not limited to: Are they able to recall the events/trauma? Loss of consciousness? Dizziness, headache, confusion, loss of balance at that time and currently? Any neurological assessment done at time of injury? Results, if done? Seizure activity? Examples of questions to evaluate the injury may include but are not limited to history of sleep disturbances, sensitivity to bright light/loud sound. Evaluation of orientation, recall, concentration level, balance, delayed recall, reflexes, eye movement and vital signs should be considered. How would you determine when the athlete is capable of returning to full activity? Currently, the decision on when athlete can return to activity is a judgement call. There is debate on the role of exercise within days of TBI in the healing process. CDC guidelines on Mild TBI Among Children (Links to an external site.) (Accessed Oct 23, 2018,, Concussion Diagnosis and Management Best Practices (Links to an external site.) from NCAA Sports Science Institute, downloaded September 7, 2018 1) You are also aware of the possibility of bleeding within the cranium. Is an epidural or subdural hemorrhage more likely, given that there is no obvious fracture and the accident was about 18 hours ago? (Nervous System MO4, 9) (MO = Module Objective listed on course site). 2) Your assessment leads you to delay his return to activity and limit screen time for one week, and then follow up assessment at that time. At the follow up, he seems tired, confused and has difficulty concentrating. His symptoms are slightly worse and the evaluation of neurological status has worsened. What is your major concern at this time (i.e. what is the most significant potential problem best fitting this scenario)? (Nervous System MO4, 9) 3) Identify the primary type of medication used to treat myasthenia gravis and describe briefly how it helps treat the condition. (Nervous System MO1, MO2, MO3, MO7, MO8) 4) What is the current scientific (within the past 5 years) understanding of the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease? (Cite your references at the end with an indication of their use where appropriate). Use your own words to explain; do not copy/paste an answer from a source other than your own work.) List at least two other conditions that may present similarly to Alzheimer’s disease, but would be treated differently and have potentially different outcomes (similarly list source). Please try to keep your response concise and brief. (Nervous System MO1, MO3, MO4) please follow all instructions.

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