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Abstract: The abstract should be succinct, compreh

Abstract: The abstract should be succinct, comprehensive, and follow and include these APA components (accurate, non-evaluative, coherent, readable and concise). A description of the problem under investigation (one sentence), participants, and essential features of the quality improvement project which include setting, supporting theory, stakeholders and outcome measurements that would be used to determine efficacy of quality improvement project are included. (See APA 6th ed., for abstract examples and explanation; p. 25-26) State-of-the-Science Review of the Literature (ROL): See Polit & Beck, 2018, 9th ed., Ch. 7 for description of ROL. This section will describe the state of the science related to the PICO question and problem statement, purpose of the quality project. Question Will text messaging appointment reminders to patients’ age’s 30-70 decrease no-shows for appointments? Theory Choices: Theory of Planned Behavior, Deming 1. A minimum of 6 (six) appropriate research-based scholarly references (articles) must be used. Required textbook for this course, dictionary and Chamberlain College of Nursing lesson information may be used but will NOT count as scholarly references for this assignment. For additional assistance regarding scholarly nursing references, please see “What is a scholarly source” from the Chamberlain Library resources. Be aware that information from .com websites may be incorrect and should be avoided. References are current if within a 5-year time frame (3 years is best) unless a valid rationale is provided and the instructor has approved them prior to submission of the assignment. 2. The evidence should be critically reviewed and synthesized. 3. The strengths and limitations of the current evidence and current practice are described which provide evidence for practice change clearly supported 4. The identified area of issue or gap in practice is made clear using evidence and is compelling and significant. 5. No more than three (3) direct quotes are used. Quality Change Plan: In this section the writer will create an inter-disciplinary quality improvement plan for their future practice area. The JH Action Planning Tool may be used as a guide but is not required to be submitted along with the project. This section should be supported by scholarly in-text citations and include the following sections: 1. Feasible plan for implementation: Select a model for use, such as the Plan/Do/Study/Act Model. 2. Identification of key stakeholders with rationale for identification. 3. Identification of appropriate interdisciplinary team members to assemble with rationale. 4. A plan for outcome analysis (this should include independent and dependent variables as well as an overview of a method of statistical analysis (which statistics or outcome measures). 5. Ethical considerations: Protection of Human Subjects. Criteria for Format and Special Instructions: 1. Page length: Part 2 of the paper (excluding the title page and reference page) should be 10 pages maximum. 2. Title page, running head, body of paper, and reference page must follow APA guidelines as found in the 6th edition of the manual. This includes the use of headings for each section of the paper except for the introduction where no heading is used. 3. Ideas and information from scholarly, peer reviewed, nursing sources must be cited and referenced correctly. 4. Rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, and punctuation are followed and consistent with formal, scientific, scholarly writing. First person writing should not be utilized. Remember: All sections should have scholarly resources integrated as in-text citations that support the content. APA current edition is required for all elements of the paper. Rubric Glossary of Achievement Terms Comprehensive: 1. Of Large Scope, Covering or Involving Much; Inclusive 2. Comprehending or thoroughly understanding with one’s mind; having an extensive mental range or grasp of aparticular subject. Thorough: • Detailed, accurate, careful • Attentive to detail, accurate, but less than comprehensive in scope, depth or inclusivity Superficial: • Not thorough, on the surface • Of little substance, lacking thoroughness Ill-Prepared / Un-structured: • Inadequately prepared, lack of care for detail • Lacking organization, disorganized Succinct • Expressed in few words, verbal brevity • Compressed expression Webster’s Online Dictionary: Retrieved from

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