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1Outline for Strategic Plan for Change PaperWrite

1Outline for Strategic Plan for Change PaperWrite a structured outline of your paper including the references you plan for each section. 1.Introduction and Statement of the problem not properly orienting and thus retaining new graduate nurses (NGN). 1.1.What is the problem?The cost of training NGN is $82,000 per nurse. To lose NGN due to poor training causes economic loss as well as causing a negative impact on the quality of patient care. 1.2.Why is it important enough to warrant a change?Quick turnovers of NGN are predicted to cause a shortage of 260,000 nurses for the Baby Boomers by 2025. 1.2.1.Scholarly Reference #1 Hofler L, Thomas K. Transition of New Graduate Nurses to the Workforce: Challenges and Solutions in the Changing Health Care Environment. North Carolina Medical Journal. 2016;77(2):133-136. doi:10.18043/ncm.77.2.133. 1.2.2.Scholarly Reference #2 Walsh, A. L. (2018). Nurse Residency Programs and the Benefits for New Graduate Nurses. Pediatric Nursing, 44(6), 275–279. Retrieved from 1.2.3.Scholarly Reference #3 Logina A, Traynor M. The relationship between effective transition models and the optimal management of patient care. British Journal of Nursing. 2019;28(3):168-173. doi:10.12968/bjon.2019.28.3.168. 2*References in this section support the importance (2-3 is adequate to establish that the problem is significant).These may be peer-reviewed journal articles and may or may not, be original research. 2.Review of Literature 2.1.Research Reference 1 D’Ambra, A. M., & Andrews, D. R. (2019). Incivility, retention and new graduate nurses: an integrated review of the literature. JOURNAL OF NURSING MANAGEMENT, 22(6), 735–742.’Ambra and Andrews (2019) conducted an integrative, quantitative review of literature to show how incivility at work was a critical indicator for lack of job satisfaction with NGN, 2.2.Research Reference #2 Dwyer, P. A., & Hunter Revell, S. M. (2016). Multilevel Influences on New Graduate Nurse Transition: A Literature Review. Journal For Nurses In Professional Development, 32(3), 112–121. and Hunter (2016) performed a quantitative study to identify dynamics that influence the transition of NGN ,2.3.Research Reference #3 Van Camp, J., & Chappy, S. (2017). Featured article: The Effectiveness of Nurse Residency Programs on Retention: A Systematic Review. AORN Journal, 106, 128–144. Van Camp and Chappy (2017) steered a quantitative study of literature to show NGN attribute to the greatest number of nurses entering and exiting the field causing costly turnover rates. 2.4.Research Reference #4 Goodare, P. (2015). Literature review: “Are you ok there?” The socialization of student and graduate nurses: do we have it right? AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF ADVANCED NURSING, 33(1), 38–43. Retrieved from (2015) piloted a quantitative study of literature to identify socialization as a critical process of NGN that is linked subconsciously to a sense of identity with a job. 2.5.Research Reference #5 Willis, W. K., Muslin, I., & Timko, K. N. (2016). A house divided: cooperative and competitive recruitment in vital industries. JOURNAL OF NURSING MANAGEMENT, 24(2), 253–260. and Timko (2016) directed a quantitative review of literature which showed how competitive and cooperative strategies of recruitment can address nursing shortages. The review of literature section requires at least five current scholarly peer-reviewed articles. Research articles are required for this section!Include a short synopsis of the studies, the population studied, and indicate if the research is Qualitative or Quantitative. The purpose of a literature review is to identify strategies for change to address the problem.This is not a place 4for articles establishing the problem (that is in the introduction/background). Example of Research Reference: MacKusick, C. I., & Minick, P. (2010). Why are nurses leaving? Findings from an initial qualitative study on nursing attrition. Medsurg Nursing, 19(6), 335-340. Mackusick and Minick (2010) conducted an interpretive, qualitative study to identify reasons influencing the decisions of RNs to leave clinical practice. 3.Synthesis of the Evidence 3.1. Provide a clear, concise, summary of potential actions derived from your evidence review. Some potential actions that were derived from my evidence research was to increase job satisfaction for NGN by issuing reasonable workloads that would not take away from patient safety, allow autonomy in practice, give flexible work schedules, offer rewards, build relationships with coworkers, managers, and interdisciplinary team, allow sufficient time with patients to establish trust, have adequate staffing, and allot competitive salary. 3.2. Compare and contrast recommendations to improve on the problem.Residency programs vs traditional orientation programsOne preceptor vs many preceptorsMentor programs vs non-mentor programsHealthy work culture vs negative work environmentProfessional development programs vs lack of professional development programs © 2015Laureate Education Inc. 5Warm relationships with nurse manager and administration staff vs aloof and unfriendly Empowerpractice vs hinderance or bullying 3.3. Determine the best action for your organization and make a succinct statement of your recommended plan. The best action for my organization would be to put in place residency programs, pair with one preceptor throughout orientation and only switch if that relationship is not a good match, offer mentor programs, provide health work culture and professional development programs, empowering practice, and provide a warm relationship with nurse manager and administrative team. 4.Suggested Courses of Action 4.1.Restate the action you want to occur decreases cost to facility and decrease the risk of patient safety by retaining NGNs through implementing specific programs to support the orientation process of NGN 4.2. Outline how you will implement the changes would implement change through Lewin’s unfreezing, movement, and refreezing theory of change. 4.3. Use and identify Change theory or Leadership strategy to guide the change process. I would use the national-empirical strategy by giving evidence-based practice research relating to the change that is needed. 4.4. Who, what, when, and where? Who: NGNWhat: New orientation program When: Immediately Where: Veteran Healthcare systems 5.Summary or Conclusion 5.1. Summarize the main ideas and arguments, pulling everything together to help clarify the thesis of the paper. I would revamp and update the orientation process of NGN to adapt various programs geared towards retaining, empowering, and increasing job satisfaction which will decrease cost to facility and improve patient safety and quality of care To prepare: • Identify a problem that you would like to investigate for this Assignment. Consider the resources and discussion about strategic planning and models that guide change such as SWOT, Balanced Scorecard, or Six Sigma and lean principles. Review evidence-based literature for data related to your selected problem. You will need to use at least five current (not more than five years old), peer-reviewed articles. to your selected problem. Write a 5- to 6-page paper (not including title page, references, or any appendix) that addresses the following: • Introduction/Statement of the problem (1/2 page) • Review of the literature for potential solutions to the identified problem • Synthesis of the evidence as applied to the stated problem. • Strategic plan for suggested courses of action based on your evidence and including the application of a change theory. • Conclusion/Summary Reminder: The School of Nursing requires that all papers submitted include a title page, introduction, summary, and references.

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